How to maintain a mariadb database

I am planning to host my database on a separate instance running ubuntu, as currently linode managed database does not offer mariadb as an option.
I want to know what are the things I should do frequently to keep the database maintained, any specific commands I should run on mysql or ubuntu to preform maintenance?
I want to know what are the basics to maintaining the database.
Thank you

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There are two things I would do. First, backup your database. I would also run integrity checks on your data from time to time, especially after upgrades. There may also be procedures when upgrading MariaDB from one version to another.

As a side note, MySQL and MariaDB are identical in feature set and capabilities, so far as their commands and extensions for interfacing with the databases go. You can look up either, and you'll likely get similar, if not identical results for any commands you might execute.

Here is an introduction on MariaDB that I found, perhaps this will also be helpful to you.

Good luck.



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