How can I mount Linode Object Storage to my Linode instance?

I'm hosting a Hybooru ( website. The files are currently being hosted on volumes. They are static files, and volume storage is getting a bit expensive. It seems that S3 would be a cheaper and possibly faster option so I want to migrate over to there. However, I've been having issues.

I looked up and found s3fs. I installed that on my instance and tried the following commands.

mkdir /mnt/s3
sudo sf3s <bucketname> /mnt/s3 -o passwd_file=<pathtofile> -o url=<url>

However, when doing this, I don't get any errors but when I ls I get nothing listed.

This bucket has ACL set to Public Read and CORS is enabled. Is there another option I can use or am I missing something?

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Take a look at Juicefs.


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