[Solved] How to Change the Session Timeout for SSH?

Hi all

I created an Ubuntu Nanode,
and when I connect to it from my computer, using PuTTY,
it seems that If I don't type anything for more than 30 secs, the session is closed.

How can I change this value to something bigger?

Thank you

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Thank you stevewi.

I did it, including "systemctl reload sshd" afterwards,
yet no change..

I even rebooted the VPS, and still no change in the time out..
What might I be missing?

the problem also expresses when I connect for SFTP.

I am on Windows,
and for SSH I use PuTTY,
and for SFTP I use WinSCP.

Fixing the problem on the Server should solve the problem for both types of sessions: SSH and SFTP,
(which is what I want),
yet it doesn't yet work, on both..

Putty has its own notion of a timeout. You have to change Putty too. See:


Ditto for Winscp:


-- sw

You're right.
It helped now - the problem is now solved in both PuTTY and WinSCP.

What a relief..

Thank you very much for your help stevewi


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