Successfully installed Windows on a Linode disk but it won't boot

I followed this guide to install Windows on a Linode. (In summary, you boot into Linux, use woeusb to create a bootable Windows installation disk, then boot from that disk to install Windows.)

That worked fine, and I was able to run through the Windows installation process without any problems. I now have Windows installed on a disk in Linode.

However, the disk isn't booting from the Linode "BIOS". When I attempt to boot from it the "BIOS" doesn't detect any bootable devices.

My Kernel is set to "Direct Disk".

I don't know how to go about debugging this so any ideas would be welcome.

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I recommend checking to ensure your Linode's configuration profile is set properly. You mentioned setting your kernel to direct disk, but have you assigned your Windows disk as your block and root devices? Also, have you checked full virtualization over para-virtualization? You may also want to toggle the helper switches to off at the bottom of that configuration profile.

It sounds like you've already successfully installed Windows (you're just having issues booting), but for those just joining in, this guide is my go-to for installing Windows on Linode.


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