How does linode charge for constantly creating and deleting new images?

I have a server that runs maybe for three hours a day and after its done I make an image of it and then delete the previous one, then tommorow I create a server from that image that runs for another 3 hours, create an image of it and delete the previous one.

I am wondering how does linode calculate the cost for the image with this

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Hi @WorldOfGlory - If you're also deleting the images each time you update them then you should be charged only for the one image, which is billed for the number of hours it's on your account rounded up to the nearest hour. There's more info on Linode billing here:

If you're instead referring to the recovery images that are created automatically, there's no charge for those but there's also no guarantee provided with them. In some circumstances those images may need to be removed ahead of their normal expiration date.


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