strategy for servers going down


I am thinking of renting two linodes in two different location (one in Atlanta and one in Dallas for instance) and having my primary DNS set to the first linode and my secondary DNS set to the second linode. Is it a good idea? Since I have limited experience in that area, what issues should I be looking into.



This is a follow-up to the the Atlanta servers being down this morning, which took down my service for a while. I don't want to have co-workers and guys around me hovering my desk every five minutes and asking me in condescending fashion if the website is back and whether they can do anything to help me out of this embarrassing situation.

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That will only keep your DNS servers from going down.

What you're looking for can't really be done with the level of control you have over the network. You can do round robin requests, as in has two IP addresses, but when one goes down, roughly half of the requests will fail. You need to use some fancy routing/dns tricks to get geographically distributed high availability. What most sites do is put 2 servers in a good data center, stick an http load balancer in front of those, and call it good.

etc, etc, etc.

This is a pretty big topic though, I'd suggest doing some reading on how to run a highly available web site.


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