stop sending spamming email to me! doesn't work.
You still keep sending me spam like "Deployments made easy with Linode's One-Click App Marketplace".
Stop it!!!

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I'm sorry that our unsubscribe feature isn't working out for you. We appreciate you letting us know about this since we certainly don't want anyone receiving email from us they don't want and we'd love to make sure this gets resolved.

I believe I have located your account and made the changes necessary on our end to prevent future marketing and onboarding emails. Keep in mind you will still receive emails about billing and services if you have an active account. This will include any threshold notifications based on your Email Alert Configurations.

It make take a few days for the list to be updated. If you are still receiving emails after 2 weeks, then it's possible something is wrong that will require further investigation. If that's the case you can Open a Support Ticket or send an email to and we can keep working to make sure this is resolved. If you'd like to ensure that we have the correct email address, you can reach out sooner so that we can prevent any unnecessary delays.

I'm not able to see why you might still be receiving emails after using the Subscription Center, but I'd like to provide some possible troubleshooting steps for anyone who finds this post in a future search.

First, I'd recommend taking the following steps in case the browser is in some way causing issues with the form.

Once you've taken those steps, you can try to resubmit the form on our Subscription Center.

Next, make sure you are unsubscribing from the correct email address, which may include unsubscribing from more than one address. If you have more than one account or user or if you have tried to sign up multiple times, it's possible that the emails are being sent to a second address after you've unsubscribed from one.

Again, we sincerely don't want to send anyone emails they don't want to receive, so please feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you are having trouble unsubscribing for any reason.


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