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I'm located in europe and willing to use a linode VPS to connect to API.
It seems that even with a VPS 'located' in Germany, binance detects it as a US server and doesn't allow the connection.

Does anyone face a similar issue?
Any potential resolution?

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I've tried to recreate this issue from a few different locations to see if our servers are being blocked. When I run a curl command to the API endpoint from a server in the US, I receive the following error:

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "Service unavailable from a restricted location according to 'b. Eligibility' in Please contact customer service if you believe you received this message in error."

From other regions, including our Frankfurt Data Center, I don't:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Test OK</title></head><body></body></html>

I'd recommend trying to run that curl command from your Linode. If you get that error saying the location is restricted, this would suggest that your IP address is for some reason not showing up as the correct geographic region. To resolve this, you can reach out to support by creating a ticket and we can try to swap out your IP address for one that isn't blocked.

If you're not seeing that error, but still can't connect, feel free to follow up here with additional information like any guide you're using, what steps you've taken, and any errors you're seeing. Our Community might be able to better help with more information.

You can also take a look at the Binance API Documentation which includes contact information for more help from their side.

Ultimately, you may be able to use Binance from a Linode hosted outside the US, but I want to point out that anyone doing that should investigate to make sure doing so is allowed by Binance and by any applicable laws. US users can try using the API instead.


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