traffic exceeded threshold

Can someone explain this email to me. I have no idea what it is saying as I am not a tech person.

How do I fix this so that it does not take up all of my cpu (is that what it called)

Here is what Linode wrote to me:

Linode Alert - Outbound Transfer Quota
Your account, with the username selfsoothingrelaxation, has exceeded the transfer quota threshold for notification. It has used 4620GB of 4368GB or 105.77%.

This is an automated message, please do not respond to this email. If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

This is not meant as a warning or a representation that you are misusing your resources.

You can access the Linode Manager at

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The message that you posted, means that your Linode has used more than 4 terabytes of outgoing data transfer, this is data transferred over the internet from your Linode to other users. This could occur if you have a server that people are downloading a lot of data from, video streams, file transfers, or any number of tasks.

The email isn't indicating that you've used more resources than you should be using, only more resources than your Linode comes with. In this case, internet data transfer. You've used 252GB more than your allowance, so you'll be receiving an overage charge on your data transfer. This will be $0.01/GB according to the guide Linode has and at the calculated amount of overage transfer used, you'll be charged an extra $2.52 at the end of your billing cycle.

I hope this was helpful for you.


On this month's bill there was one cent billed for Outbound Transfer Overage.

This is a tiny $5 "test" server that is not used by anyone except me. I don't see how I could use whatever my allowance is. How can I find out when the overage occurred? What log would I look in and where does Ubuntu hide it?

Same happened to me. I have 4 accounts, each has 1 $5 Linode instance. All of them received this "Outbound Transfer Overgae" charged varying between $0.01 - $0.30

Same happened to me, too. From what I can see, I haven't gone over network transfer amount but I was charged for doing so.

My charge 0.33 cents, for 65 hours global. Is this some kind of new Akamai thing?

And I just saw the notice that the company is investigating this as an error. Good.


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