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Virtualizor not available in the Marketplace...

So, I was just wondering, is there any specific technical reason or limitation for why virtualizor (by softaculous) is not available as any install options in the marketplace, --or-- the stackscripts (which seeing it missing in BOTH places is making me feel more suspicious), or even perhaps a technical reason or limitation I should NOT be manually installing it myself on linode's platform as a solution?

My main purpose right now, is just to spin up a quick $5 test server as I am in the process of testing this panel, among others, in order to decide which panel I will ultimately build with long term, in production…

Thank you,

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As mentioned by @tech10, Linode does not support hardware virtualization. I ran the install script available here and the error I received pointed directly to this issue:

4) Installing the Virtualization Kernel - kvm
        - You have not defined any storage ! Please add a Storage once you visit the Admin Panel.
    ERROR : Your CPU doesnt support Hardware Level Virtualization OR you havent enabled Virtualization from the BIOS. Please enable Virtualization from the BIOS and then RE-Run this installer

If Virtualizor is going to create VPS servers on your Linode itself, this is unsupported. You'd be running a VPS within a VPS. If you're going to use Virtualizor to create virtual machines on other service providers, if that's supported by the control panel itself, then you'd simply have to manually install and configure it yourself.

If the second of these two options is available and is your goal, then the reason Virtualizor isn't available is likely as simple as, it hasn't been written to install and configure as a Stackscript by anyone, and hasn't been placed in the Linode market place. There are applications I use which aren't available via Stackscript or the Linode market place either, they just simply aren't a selection, nothing you'd need to be suspicious about, in my opinion.

I just spoke to a softaculous representative on the live chat in the lower right hand corner of their website (https://www.virtualizor.com/) and they asked me to return and re-ask via that same chat any time after 11am IST as their senior dev team will help with adding virtualizor to the marketplace.

So if anyone from Linode wants to be on/in that chat, you are welcome to come in and work with them as well. I made sure to inform them that Linode is not my website/company, and I am just a linode customer, the same as I am a softaculous customer simply asking from a customer standpoint, who wants and would like to see their software added to your software lol, for use….as a customer….!!

Thank you…

Thanks very much to @tech10 and @tlambert for taking the time to go through all the real world steps necessary to really flesh this one out. Your time was much appreciated, so thank you.



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