01. New openvpn password not functioning

After setting up everything and it was finally time for me to connect to my new openvpn account, the openvpn password would not work. What do I do? Anybody to help?

Something else - What is the admin username for openvpn - Is it openvpn or openvpnas?

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I just created an OpenVPN instance with our Marketplace app using this guide and I was able to get in with the provided credentials.

This is something that recently changed, but you now get the password from the LISH Console after the server is created and booted. The user will be openvpn.

You can also run this command while logged in to LISH to get the information.

sudo cat /usr/local/openvpn_as/init.log | grep 'To login'

Finally, I wanted to add that for some reason when I copied and pasted the username openvpn into the OpenVPN admin page the first time, I got an error. When I typed it, I didn't. It could have been an issue of missing a letter and not realizing it, but I wanted to point that out. I was able to copy and paste the password without issue. I hope that helps!


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