Honeygain Policy - is using Honeygain on my servers allowed?

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I would like to know if the platform has any specific policy with regards of running an application like Honeygain (https://www.honeygain.com/) on any of my volume/linode compute instances?

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Currently the platform doesn't have a specific policy about Honeygain. You can use it with your services as long as you abide by the Terms of Service (ToS). In addition to reviewing the ToS page, you should check out the Acceptable Use Policy as well to learn more about how to enjoy using the services.

Taking a look at the linked website for Honeygain it looks like it's a software application that allows its users to share their Internet connection with others. So it's worth noting that you could run into some issues with people who are using your internet violating the ToS. If that happens, we'd open a ticket on your account, and you'd need to respond to it and resolve the issue. As long as you do that diligently, you should be fine.

To learn more about similar use cases you might also want to review this older post:

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