How do I set a billing limit?

I want to automatically stop whatever needs to be stopped when x$/m is reached. How do I do that to protect from overcharging?

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Linode Staff

Currently, we do not have a billing limit feature implemented. While we do not have a notification for when your account reaches a certain amount, you are welcome to monitor your projected invoice using the 'Accrued Charges' tab on the Billing & Contact page in Cloud Manager. This section will show you a live tally of all the charges you have generated so far this billing cycle. Those charges will then get put on your next invoice on the 1st of every month. That being said, I think this is a great suggestion, and I have passed along your feedback as a feature request.

Alternatively, you can access this information via the Linode API if you wish to implement your own method of notification. There are API endpoints that would allow you to create your own notification for accrued costs. The documentation for the API call you would need can be found here: Linode API - Account view

I'd also like to mention that your account is charged for any services that were on the account during a billing cycle, even if they were powered off or not utilized. This is because your services were still storing their data on our system, and their space was still being reserved. You can read more about our billing policy here:

The only method to prevent further charges from accruing is by removing the service that is incurring expenses. This would mean any system that would stop all services to prevent further charges would have to delete all the services on the account. For more information about Linode billing please see our guide: Linode Billing


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