Marketplace app (Mastodon) won't install - site returns invalid token

Purchased brand new domain name and pointed my registrar to Linode's nameservers.
Added new domain to Domains here in Linode.
Created new Linode, using Marketplace (Mastodon).
StackScript log shows that installation failed, with the message "failed to get domain 401: invalid token"

I don't know if this means the StackScript needs to reach the domain first before it can do all the steps to install Mastodon on this Linode. If StackScript needs to "touch" a real website before it can complete its steps over here on Linode, then I guess I need to wait a day or so before the DNS records propagate.

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I don't think DNS is the problem, or else I would have seen a more specific error message such as a previous user mentioned here:

Could still really use some help on how to resolve my error message. Please and thank you.

I'm still fiddling with it cos I wasn't ready to give up and try tomorrow.

Maybe I mistyped the API token wrong the first time, because when I revoked my token and issued a new one, the script does get to the point where it says "testing DNS propagation" and failing.

Why it's failing I don't know, though, because I could dig my domain name and get a successful response.

At the risk of taking the "works on my machine" stance, I just ran through the Mastodon deployment process to test this out and everything spun up out of the box without an issue.

You said you can dig your domain and get a response. You may also want to make sure propagation has completed and Linode's name servers are set as the authoritative name servers for your domain. You can dig against your domain for the NS records specifically - the output should look like this:

dig ns +short <> 

Once you've confirmed your NS records are up to date, then you can move forward with deploying your Mastodon instance.

I will admit that I used a subdomain when setting up my Mastodon test instance (for example: my.mastodon.test) but as long as your authoritative name servers are set to Linode's, it shouldn't make a difference.

Ensure your passwords and API token are correct when you're entering them into the user defined fields and you should be good to go.

It seems like the installation issue with the Mastodon marketplace app on Linode might be related to the StackScript needing to access the domain before proceeding.


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