Backup to Block Storage?

New user here and although I've read a few posts flaming the backup service, Id still like to use it. Question is, since Block Storage is supposed to be on a different machine, can I use block storage to store backups?

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You can't use Block Storage to store backups from the Linode backup service, but you can use it to store files and folders that you want to back up from your Linode. If you wanted, you could even use Rsync combine with Block Storage to back up everything except temporary directories, device and kernel file system paths, etc.

Note that the Block Storage volume might be on a different machine, but it is still in the data center where your Linode is located. If something happens to take out the entire data center or all the Linode machines, your backups won't be safe. I would also recommend an offsite backup solution for your data in addition to these strategies.


Thanks Blake.

I'll definitely be using a redundant backup strategy.


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