Linode blacklisted on UCEProtect RBL

We've got a number of sites showing as being listed on the UCEProtect Blacklist currently. A client just flagged this with us in a panic!

I believe this may need some intervention from the Linode team to try and help get the IP range removed. Ther IP that the alert was raised on is

However, I've looked further and can see is also affected so it's possibly the 178.79 range.

Is this something that anyone can assist with?

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I completely understand your concern here and that of your customer. Let's start by troubleshooting any current issues first, then we can take a bit about this specific blocklist.

Addressing current mailing issues:

The most important thing here is that we get your mail moving. We would be happy to help you address any specific deliverability issues you may be having. These issues are likely not related to UCEPROTECT, which you can read more about here and are more likely due to a specific mail provider. Depending on the specific code and domain you're sending to, we can either request a delisting for you or tell you where to reach out once we know more. Just connect with our Support team in a ticket or by phone with the following information:

  1. A copy of the 550 bounce code from the mail server
  2. The domain name sending mail
  3. Confirmation that SPF has been configured for the domain sending mail

Once we have that information, we will do what we can to help make sure your mail is being delivered or provide resources to help you troubleshoot further if needed.


While we are happy to address any individual mailing issues that come up, we don't believe that UCEPROTECT is reputable, which you can read more about here. Unlike other blocklists, they charge for delisting and we won't be paying for delisting from their service, which we don't believe is widely used to determine IP reputation.

Finally, to offer some piece of mind, I've checked the reputation of your IP on MXToolbox and Spamhaus and it's not on a single reputable list. This suggests the best path forward is trying to address any specific bounce codes with our Support team.


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