This site can't be reached

I am trying to deploy my django project on linode for my domain address.But I couldn't see project on domain/ip address.

I created the existing domain on Linode servers. I set the records as default (A/AAAA Record, MX Record, NS Record and SOA Record). Added the Linode name servers to domain ragistrar's dns settings. I added domain name as reverse dns under Linode Network. In the Django project, I added domain name, and ip address as allowed hosts to I've been getting the "This site can't be reached" error for a long time. I used to see the default django page before, now I can't see it either. What could be problem?

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Um… what is the URL?

Have you used any of the DNS checking tools like…

If you deployed the instance running Django from the Marketplace, the default configuration has the app available at <your.ip.address>:8000. I suggest checking to see if the app is available there, if you haven't made any configuration changes already. You want to make sure the app is up and running.

If you've already created a reverse proxy to serve your app to ports 80 and/or 443, you can check their status using the following nmap command:

nmap -Pn -p 80,443 <your.ip.address>

If those ports are closed, then you'll need to restart your web server.

This guide on how to host your Django app on Linode includes configuring an Nginx reverse proxy, DNS setup, and enabling HTTPS. It should be a useful resource.


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