Cewl Not Working In Linode

Hi I have recently started using Linode with Kali Linux and decided I wanted to try using Cewl on my personal website that is no more than 500 words on it. So I installed Cewl on it, but when I do "cewl example.com" only this one line shows up which is this "CeWL 5.5.2 (Grouping) Robin Wood (robin@digi.ninga) (https://digi.ninga/)" I know it is not a problem with my website because when I operate this command on my personal computer it works just fine. I have no clue why this is happening can you please give me some suggestions to fix this?

Thank You

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I replicated this on my end by following this Kali Document - cewl which provided the cewl command referenced. Based on the information you provided, I have a few ideas why you may not be receiving the output you are used to seeing on your personal computer.

  1. The version of Kali Linux you are running on your personal computer may differ from the version of Kali Linux on your Linode instance. You may have preconfigured application packages, custom commands, or aliases in your terminal on your personal computer that do not yet exist on your Linode instance.

  2. If you have completed the full command noted from the Kali document on your personal computer, then you could have already created the document text file. When you run the command cewl example.com (I assume you are substituting example.com with the intended domain) on your personal computer, the output is already available from the document file that was initially created the first time you ran the command. If you have not run this command in full on the Linode instance, then the document text file would not exist which leaves you with the output you provided.

  3. When running this on my end, I completed the command in full as described on the Kali guide, but discovered that this command does not follow redirects. I found this by running the command you provided, but with -v added:

cewl example.com -v

The output gave me

CeWL 5.5.2 (Grouping) Robin Wood (robin@digi.ninja) (https://digi.ninja/)
Starting at http://example.com
Offsite link, not following: https://example.com
Words found

Depending on how your domain is configured (i.e. have SSL) then the command would need to allow an offsite visit to reach https. Based on the cewl manual, this is done using -o. The command I then ran was:

cewl -o example.com -v

This then allowed the command to reach the intended link and provided the expected output.


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