Will RHEL be added to the distros?

Hi Linode,

Is there a plan to add RHEL to the available distros supported out of the box?

Due to the latest changes inside RedHat which affect the way source code is shared, individuals are moving from RHEL clones to RHEL using the Developer license.

RedHat supports several clouds to spin off servers, but I haven't seen Linode in the list yet.

Cloud Access Program

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Linode Staff

This is something that has been asked for, and I have added your request to our internal tracker, though I can't guarantee it will be implemented. That said, you should still be able to get a Red Hat Linode up and running by deploying a custom distro. Custom images will run just like any other Linode, with the exception that certain features such as our Backups service or Network Helper may not function. For any upcoming releases, you'll want to check our blog post from time to time.

Well, I'd say that installing a custom distro is not for the inexperienced user.

Wouldn't the RedHat clones, Alma or Rocky Linux, work well enough? Is there some compelling reason you need RHEL/CentOS?

I guess the corollary to my question is WHY do you (or anyone) need Red Hat over Ubuntu, Debian, or any of the other distros available on Linode? (Not arguing… just asking!)

Maybe this will be of interest?

SUSE Forks Red Hat Enterprise Linux



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