What datacenter is best?

The Atlanta datacenter seems to have the most uptime problems. What are the pros/cons for each datacenter? What speeds up/down do you guys get from the other datacenters? What ports are closed etc? I don't want to stay in the Atlanta datacenter if there are better options.

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I can say that when I was on the Dallas datacenter, I had no issues. I get better latency out of Atlanta, so I migrated, but I am in the process of migrating back to Dallas.

It is my hunch that ThePlanet is a much more mature company than GNAX, but that's just my own opinion

I forget which datacenter I was on before I moved over to Atlanta… whichever one had Host18. :)

Anyway, I've been pretty pleased with Atlanta so far, though I have to admit things were very stable in the previous location… though we did occasionally have some nasty network issues.

So overall I haven't noticed much of a difference myself.

I believe host 18 would have been part of the first group that wasn't in Dallas, at HE in Fremont.

I'm in the Atlanta data center, and haven't had any significant problems (yet).

Always good with fremont dc, now i am in dallas, waiting to migrate back to fremont.

I'm on Dallas. From watching IRC, the only "meh" I have ever seen is IRC on Atlanta, and only if you want to run the server on 6667.

Everyone has their moments.


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