Cloudflare > Linode redirect traffic from subdomain to particular docker container

Hi guys,
I have the following setup Cloudflare - Linode
I am trying to achieve the following: Connect a subdomain managed by Cloudflare to a particular docker container in one instance of Linode.
I hope the diagram will explain what I am trying to achieve a bit more clearly.
Diagram here

Thank you.

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I wasn't able to find a guide specifically for this, but you may want to look at Docker's documentation to start:

That resource has sections about networking, DNS, and running a proxy server, and might be a good jumping off point if you haven't seen it already. The only specific thing I can add here is to make sure the port is exposed to the internet if you're trying to reach it through your browser.

I also found a few forums discussing similar issues that might be helpful:

And just in case you need them, here are a few guides from our docs that may help:

If you provide more information about what you've tried already, including a link to any guides you're follow, any configuration files you're using (with identifying information removed), and what errors you're seeing, someone may be able to provide an answer more tailored to your situation.


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