Is Ho Chi Minh City planned?

I really want to stick with Linode for my app, however the connection between Singapore and Vietnam has been pretty flakey this year. It goes from super fast to super slow for a while, and occasionally fully drops with "connection reset" errors for several minutes at a time.

Is there a plan to launch in Ho Chi Minh City (or Hanoi)?

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While there are no current plans to launch a Core Site in either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi that I'm aware of, we do have a Edge Site in Ho Chi Minh already. You can read about the Akamai Global Cloud Network for more information about our sites.

You can also express interest in upcoming Core sites on that page, which includes the following Asia-Pacific sites:

  • Auckland
  • Chennai
  • Jakarta
  • Osaka
  • Seoul

If you're seeing poor network performance, I'd recommend taking steps to Troubleshoot the issue and open a Support Ticket for additional help if needed.


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