I wish to know to set it up linode for organisational purpose? How to deploy and work from local machine, instead of work inside environment?

I'm a new Linode subscriber and I'm interested in configuring Linode for organizational use. I'm currently in the early stages of learning. I've successfully established an SSH connection to my Linode server. My main question is whether it's possible to work on my local machine while ensuring that all data is saved on Linode's cloud infrastructure. I understand that I can work directly within Linode, and all storage occurs there. However, I'm curious about how to set up a workflow where I can work locally but have all my data automatically saved on Linode.

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Depending on your use case, one of these options may help. First, if you want to work on your desktop because you don't like using the command line or it's not the best option for your workflow, you can try setting up a Remote Desktop. That section of our documentation library provides guides for a few remote desktop options.

Next, if you just want to use Linode services for additional storage because your computer doesn't have enough for your workload, then you may want to look into Object Storage. We have a guide that goes through common use cases to help you decide if it's a good fit.

To have the file transfer automatically from your local computer to your Object Storage bucket, you could probably use something like Rclone and then use a cron job to automate the process.

If it doesn't need to be automatic, you can just transfer files between your local machine and Linode as needed.

If I'm misunderstanding what you're looking for, providing some additional information may help others provide a more tailored response. I hope one of these suggestions helps!


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