Block Storage volume size not represented in total storage

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I just attached a Block Storage volume to my linode. I noticed that on my dashboard in the Linode Manager the "Storage" details on the right hand side don't include my new Block Storage volume in the total amount of storage. Is something incorrect?

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Hi there,

Nope! Based on the information you provided, nothing is incorrect with your Storage details listed in the Linode Manager.

The Storage information listed on the right side of your linode's Dashboard represents the storage allocated for the plan you have. When you add a Block Storage volume, the amount of that additional storage is listed next to your volume's name in the "Volumes" section of your Dashboard, but the amount of storage allocated for your plan doesn't change in the Storage information on this page.

You can think of the Storage details listed on the Dashboard as static, and representative of the base plan you have. Any additional storage added through Block Storage volumes won't be added into that number.


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