How do I add Object Bucket Storage to Filecloud

I want to add Object Bucket Storage to my Linode FileCloud instance. If that is not possible, then how do I do it with AWS S3? Sorry if it's obvious, but I'm a noob..


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So I just spun up a FileCloud instance by following along with the steps listed here:

Basically you want to first deploy the application using the One-Click Application in the Cloud Manager, then wait a few minutes for it to install/initialize (you can actually watch the installation process while logged into the compute instance via LISH if you'd like).

After the application is fully installed you navigate to your domain (or IP address if you kept it simple, initially) in your browser. I got stuck for a few minutes here on step 2 of the
"Creating Secure Login Credentials" portion of our documentation because I simply navigated to my server's IP address in my browser, instead of http://myipaddress/admin, so make sure you do this portion correctly.

You then log into your FileCloud instance via your browser by entering the default credentials:

Username: admin
Password: password

After you're logged in, you'll need to enter your license. For this exercise, I created a FileCloud account and utilized a free trial license. I then downloaded it, and subsequently uploaded the trial license file through the browser, and then I was given access to the dashboard.

I haven't set up the Object storage bucket, but based on our Object Storage's S3 compatibility this should work. It looks like the process can be done by following along with the steps listed here



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