How do I connect to a Managed Database (MySQL)?

I created a new Managed MySQL Database and I am trying to connect to it using MySQL Workbench.

I followed the instructions on to connect to my Managed Database, but I am still unable to connect with error:

Your connection attempt failed for user 'linroot' to the MySQL server at …. Unable to connect to localhost

I have setup access control to for testing but still no connection.

What am I missing?

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Updating the Access Controls list to include is usually the first step, so you're headed in the right direction.

Next, looking through the guide you shared, I noticed that there is a note that explains which host to use from where:

If you are connecting to the private network host, ensure your Compute Instance is located within that same data center and you have added a Private IPv4 address to that instance. See Managing IP Addresses.

If you've tried both and you're still having trouble, I'd recommend trying to connect using MySQL (CLI) to see if the issue is in the connection itself. If it works when not using Workbench, it might be worth looking into the Workbench Configurations to see if there is anything there that could be causing the issue.


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