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what would happen if i delete my domain?

i recently bought a new domain for my linode

but i want to manage the domain on the registrar's panel
so i want to delete the domain section on my linode then i will set my NS, MX, A/AAAA and CNAMEs from the registrar

will it affected how people access my website? because i change nameserver from linode (my website is still in linode server) to another name

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Deleting your domain from your DNS manager your records could cause downtime if you newly configured domain records have yet to propagate, which can take up to 48 hours to propagate globally. This would likely be the only real noticeable change from a user perspective.

Assuming that you have set up your domain records properly on your registrar’s platform you would not see much change in your user’s ability to access your site.

Furthermore, utilizing your registrar’s name servers would not change the user experience of your website, only where the DNS information is hosted. For more detailed information I would recommend taking a look at the following guide on How DNS works more specifically in the Name Servers section.


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