Cert Manager Cant Resolve A Host

cert-manager-8694c7d4fd-lcmkk cert-manager-controller E1020 05:18:25.062518 1 sync.go:190] "cert-manager/challenges: propagation check failed" err="failed to perform self check GET request 'http://news.nl-ams.prod.linode.spreadfighter.cloud/.well-known/acme-challenge/vTlN6kZSgDUYgoYIBWgMPn8OEdEtmQaz85WkFwCdAQ0': Get "http://news.nl-ams.prod.linode.spreadfighter.cloud/.well-known/acme-challenge/vTlN6kZSgDUYgoYIBWgMPn8OEdEtmQaz85WkFwCdAQ0": dial tcp: lookup news.nl-ams.prod.linode.spreadfighter.cloud on server misbehaving" resource_name="news-tls-1-2350024394-1300821289" resource_namespace="sf" resource_kind="Challenge" resource_version="v1" dnsName="news.nl-ams.prod.linode.spreadfighter.cloud" type="HTTP-01"

I believe that is an issue with DNS inside managed kubernetes cluster. How I can restart it? I tried ti restart cert-manager pod but it does not help

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I've restarted coredns pods and cert-manger pods. now it work


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