Django http-https ports not open

First Django server and cannot be reached by domain name, only by IP.

Do I need to open the ports on the server? Some of the research says that I need to check if Apache is running and the commands given say that it is not. If that is the case then do I need to setup an Apache server?

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How did you approach the deployment of Django? If you opted for the Linode Marketplace App, it's important to specify a domain during deployment. Otherwise, Django will default to using Linode's IP: http://yourlinodeip:8000.

For a detailed guide on deploying Django through the Linode Marketplace, refer to this resource:

When it comes to networking ports, the Linode Django instance uses port 8000. If you utilized the Linode Marketplace for deployment, ensure that you include the correct port in your request. If you intend to customize the port, check out this informative Stack Overflow post. Note, you will need to modify the existing crontab entry to this new port.

While placing an Apache server in front of your Django app is not an absolute requirement (Django provides its own development server tailored for local code testing), when moving to production environments or managing intricate setups, leveraging a dedicated web server alongside Django is a common and advisable practice. If you decide to integrate Apache with Django, I recommend referring to Django's documentation for detailed guidance:


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