Feature Request: Managed SMTP service (like AWS SES)

I'd love it if Linode had a managed SMTP service so that users can send emails on it and get information back regarding bounces and spam reports to make sure that they have a healthy mailing list.

I initially thought about running my own SMTP server but quickly came to the conclusion it would be a nightmare to keep up and running and that I'd rather pay someone else to handle it for me.

I'm sure there are lots of other people who would appreciate this service.

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Thanks for the suggestion - I recorded this request on our internal feature tracker to get some eyes on it. I'm unaware of a managed SMTP/mailing like service in our pipeline at the moment.

I would like to second this. SES is nice because they charge per email instead of a flat rate of $20, so if I only need to send like 100 emails per month I don't need to pay so much for that, so if they can add SES with a similar pricing model that would be hugely appreciated!


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