Weblish tab shows "nonsense"...

Disclaimer: I am new to Linode.
I have used the quick installer to install two packages on two instances (Joplin and Nextcloud, on different instances).

When I launch the linsh console, in the Weblish tab it looks like I login, but instead of text, I get these blocks, each filled with diagonal lines of varying colors.

(is there a way to post a screenshot on here?)

It might be a font issue?

Connecting ti linode on a Fedora 39 laptop running XCFE, on the most recent firefox 119.0.1

I tried turning off adblockers… no change.

I can get a prompt and login to the GLISH tab, and my next step is to install a DE so I can poke around, but I think the weblish should work…

Asking both because it bothers me as an easy to way login and see what is going, and becuase I think there might be an error on my Joplin install that I can not see…

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You can try using a terminal with SSH installed to login via SSH

Thanks: will try that and report back.
(also, will try on a different browser/machine… just for everyone's information)

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