What is the "Global Pool" in Linode network statistics

When I look at the network statistics for my Linodes there are two "Global Pool" values, "Global Pool Used" and "Global Pool Remaining". Does anybody know what these are about?

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The Global Network Transfer Pool tracks your accounts network transfer allowance. This is the amount of data that your services can transfer per month without incurring additional charges.

Our Network Transfer Guide explains more about how this works, but this Community Site post explains it in really simple terms, so I'm going to pull out part of that. (Keep in mind the post is a few years old, so some of the specifics may be outdated. Check out our pricing page for current information):

Your monthly network transfer pool is the total amount of your services' network transfer quota on your account. In other words, the transfer quota provided by all of your Linodes' plans are added together, creating a network transfer pool.

For example, let's say that you have 2 Linodes:

  • Nanode 1GB - Comes with 1TB transfer
  • Linode 2GB - Comes with 2TB transfer

Your network transfer pool will reflect the total of 3TB of transfer for that month. If your Nanode 1GB uses 2TB within the month, and Linode 2GB uses .5TB a month, then your total usage will be 2.5TB. Even though you used more transfer than what the Nanode 1GB provides, you will not be charged an overage since you have not exceeded your monthly transfer pool. You will only be charged if you exceed the pool of network transfers, as opposed to exceeding what one plan allows.

Based on that example, the Global Pool Used value would be 2.5TB and the Global Pool Remaining would be .5TB, which is how much would be left before the limit was reached. The limits start over at the beginning of the month.


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