Can't install Longview - mantic Distro missing

I'm trying to install longview on one of my Linode marketplace installations and the mantic distro is missing.

Any chance this was just overlooked and someone can upload it please?

Thank you kindly,

A, hopefully, long term Linoder.

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While we don't have a date when that will be available for you, you can likely use the repository for a previous version to get Longview up and running on your Linode. A colleague was able to install longview by following the steps in this post on our Community Site.

This morning another teammate confirmed this and installed Longview on an instance running Ubuntu 23.1 by editing the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/longview.list file to replace "mantic" with "focal", and following the rest of the steps (beginning at step 2) in our Longview guide:

When you reach step 4, just be sure to use the API key listed under the Longview client you are trying to add to the Linode.


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