Linode and wine?

Has anyone gotten wine to work on their linode? I tried it in an ubuntu 7.10 host and it had errors, would not start the configure program. I even ran it through nomachine and various window managers, including, at the end, ubuntu-desktop and gnome.

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you mean, the configure script that came in the tarball from automake that fixes the makefiles? if thats the case then it should be an easy fix. otherwise i probably can't help, i've never tried it myself

No, I'm talking about wine, windows compatibility layer for running windows programs in linux.

Do you have any error messages? Any logs?

Do you have a working Ubuntu 7.10 install using the same version of wine? What version are you using?

Yep, it's working on my Debian Linode.

By "would not start the configure program," are you saying you were compiling from source? Why not use aptitude (or apt-get or Synaptic) to install wine?


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