Monitoring current activity?

Hi All,

I have a dedicated server we are using to provide shared hosting. We have apache2 on ubuntu.

Is it possible to monitor which virtual site is currently being accessed. For example I would like to be able to check when a apache2 process starts consuming a lot of resources for a period of time, which site was using it.


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I haven't used it, but maybe PRM (Process Resource Monitor) would fit the situation here.
> PRM monitors the process table on a given system and matches process id's with set resource limits in the config file or per-process based rules. Process id's that match or exceed the set limits are logged and killed; includes e-mail alerts, kernel logging routine and more…

Download the current release of PRM distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE:

Usual disclaimer - I'm not associated or affiliated with them. I find just find their GPL products of interest and they accept donations iif you like their work. :wink:

All the best,


Thanks for the reply - not really what i need though because I want to know which web sites are being accessed, not which process is running - they will all be running as the same process

What i would probably do is try to find a way to add the pid of the apache process the the access.log (apache2 logfile).

I found a solution.. Mod_Status

Lets me view exactly what processes are currently accessing what pages on the server :D

Thanks anyway


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