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Shadowsocks - Using ports 443 or 80

Where I work is public facing and can only join the public WiFi. This is a very restricted. Only (as far as I can tell) allow 443 and 80 (general surfing) it even restricts VPNs that I have tried. I set up a Linode Linux (Ubuntu 23.10 I believe) with the Shadowsocks. I was hoping to set the Shadowsocks server port to 443 or 80 and use it. Checking netstat it does run on 443 or 80 after I set it, but when testing at home, it will not connect. Setting back the server ports to 8388 (default) or 8000, works fine again (interestingly 8080 does not).

Anyone know why? Also, can anyone help?

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Are you following a specific guide on how to perform the setup for configuring Shadowsocks for this use case?

I found a pretty good one that looks like it covers what you are looking for here, but wanted to make sure we were on the same page for any troubleshooting/testing I did on my end:

It is worth mentioning that, assuming you are following along with the guide/deployment from the Linode Marketplace, the above guide references the server port configuration directory is located at /var/snap/shadowsocks-libev/common/etc/shadowsocks-libev but as far as I can tell when viewing a similarly reported issue on github it looks like it is at /etc/shadowsocks-libev/config.json

I have yet to confirm the definitely location (I will do some troubleshooting in a little bit), but just wanted to make sure that portion did not confuse you. :)


Yep that is a good article. I saw that before asking for help. The answer was 443 and 80 are restricted ports I needed to open. In my case just 443. This simple command was all I needed.

Command: ufw allow 443

But thank you for your help. I super appreciate it. Accepting answer to give you credit.

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