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Is there an open source version of weblish, glish, or something similar?

Is there an open source version of weblish, glish, or something similar?

If there isn't, and both mentioned tools are property of Akamai, what are my best prospects for asking nicely for some such tool to be open sourced?


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As far as I am aware, there is no Open Source alternative to LISH for the primary purpose of platform security by nature of how to connection functions.

When using LISH, you are essentially initiating a jumpbox connection between yourself and our LISH Gateways via a simulated serial-cable connection. If you simultaneously connect to your Linode using LISH and SSH, you can actually see two entries for your logins one of which is ttyS0, which is an inbound serial device.

LISH is intended to be a "blackbox" in regards to being a proprietary software connecting you to your Linode through the host. We are generally transparent as-can-be about other aspects of our infrastructure, but exposing this degree of information could be detrimental towards security if someone was able to backdoor into our customers' Linodes.

You may be able to locate some LISH API calls that would be exposed in our GitHub repo, but I am doubtful that our Developers would be able to provide any open-sourcing for LISH:

Ok; thank you. Back when Ajaxterm worked with then-current top browsers, I worked on a Proportional Font Terminal which let the user choose dynamically between fixed-width and proportional font display for a terminal session.

(It was apparently deemed AI-hard to make a terminal that would automagically display proportional fonts when a user would want proportional fonts and fixed-width when a user would want fixed-width, but some pretty shallow modifications to Ajaxterm let the user switch between the two as desired.)

Thanks for your followup.


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