Restoration issue


After to restored backup to new instance,new instance is booting or not able to login using winlish. we are with linode for mother than 15 years, and never faced this of issue. Not able to understand how OS files/mounts are missing in image backup.

any one faced same issue and any solution?

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In case you may have been unaware, there was a recent backup service incident that may have impacted your backups. As a result, backups that has had files over 500MB were purged and will not be a reliable recovery resource. It's recommended that you read over the service incident in case you may be affected.

Additionally, there could be many reasons why a Linode will not boot. For example, if your Linode is not booting there could be an issue with the kernel or filesystem corruption. Your best option is reaching out to our Support team to see if they can take a look into why your Linode is not booting.


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