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LKE restriction ?


I am reading this to learn about LKE creation via Terraform but I got the message that my account has restriction.

However, I can create LKE via the web portal

nyue@Tans-MacBook-Air lke_cluster % terraform apply "cp.plan"

linode_lke_cluster.foobar: Creating…

│ Error: failed to create LKE cluster: [400] [node_pools[1].type] A limit on your account is preventing the deployment of the selected service. To request access, please contact Support and provide the service name.

│ with linode_lke_cluster.foobar,
│ on main.tf line 16, in resource "linode_lke_cluster" "foobar":
│ 16: resource "linode_lke_cluster" "foobar" {

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As noted in the error message, you will need to Open a ticket through Cloud Manager to request an early increase for your account limits or to help determine why our system returned the 400 error. In that ticket, you will need to provide information about your general use-case, as well as how many total Linodes and what plan size you had attempted to deploy.

I think I have figure the problem.

As I am still within the initial $100 credit, it has restriction on node types.

I have now switch to the lowest LKE compatible node types
g6-standard-1 and g6-standard-2 and the creation is proceeding further along but has other issue which I will lodge a separate post.


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