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ANT media server dashboard is not working

I installed the ANT media server from AWS marketplace, but still I am not able to access the ANT media server dashboard with publicIP:5080.

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After some more testing, I was able to connect to the Ant Media dashboard by using the Reverse DNS entry and connecting over port 5443

You can find your compute instance's rDNS entry by navigating to:

Then selecting the compute instance in question, and scrolling down to the IP Addresses section.

Copy the rDNS entry from there, paste it into your browser and connect over port 5443 and you should be good to go!

Just for reference, this should look something like this:

There is also a more updated guide on this process here:

Hope that helps! :)


Assuming you are using the One-Click Application on the Linode Marketplace:

And assuming you waited the recommended 2-5 minutes after deployment for the application installation process to finalize, there may be an issue with the application itself.

To test this theory, I attempted to deploy the Ant Media Community Edition One-Click appliation from the Marketplace just now and, while the installation appears to have completed, I am running into what is, presumably, the same issue as you: I cannot access the dashboard.

With this being the case, the issue looks to be somewhere in the Stackscript itself. I have submitted error logs to the team responsible for maintaining the Marketplace applications, so hopefully a fix will be in the works soon.

In the meantime, you may find success by utilizing this guide to install/set up your Ant Media server:

That guide is a bit more "manual" in nature, but if you have a rudimentary knowledge of system administration, you should be fine.

Hope that helps!


when I followed your example, it writes an error

Bad Request
This combination of host and port requires TLS.

I installed the ANT media server from the AWS marketplace as well, but I'm still unable to get to the dashboard. I have tried to resolve it by myself but I can't find the proper solution online. I am glad I have found your post where you have shared a link with us in which I found the proper guide. I appreciate you for helping me out. While searching for it online, I also discovered https://oxessays.com/services/assignment-writing website link in which I found assignment writing service. I took an interest in that website because my brother always asks for help regarding his essay assignments and I can't help him because of my pending projects regarding my office work.


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