New kernel exploit & Linode - DON'T TRY IT!

You may have heard of the new kernel exploit that recently became public.

I just tried the exploit code on the Linode to see if it was vulnerable. It doesn't give me a root login, but it does hang the "machine", pretty hard, too. Took a few minutes for the Lish-initiated reboot to take effect; I thought I was going to have to fill a support ticket.

Best case scenario seems to be a graceless shutdown, so I would have to stamp it Not Recommended.

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Yea… Listen to what he said… Because…. yea…


As soon as the kernel devs settle on a fix, I'll be releasing new kernels…


ONe of the 'exploits' patch it :)

Find it in the debian bug ticket

I believe GKH just committed the fix for this into


(asking maybe a stupid question)

how can I upgrade to the latest ,without recompiling myself the kernel ?

You can select what kernel you're booting in your profile config in LPM (the members section of


thought so,but my latest 2.6 series is (domU linode5).

Ahh - you're on Xen. The kernel caker just released was a UML kernel. I haven't heard when the Xen kernel will be updated.

considering the big impact of this exploit it would be great to have one also on xen :)

For you Xen people:



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