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Using object storage bucket with node.js

In the documentation it says that linode object storage is compatible with AWS S3 node.js package. So I tried to use the package in my backend development. However, I encountered an error that says:

TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON --> starting at object with constructor 'Object' --- property 'issuerCertificate' closes the circle

Is there a solution to this?
When I searched for answers, I didn't find a solution.

If you want to have a look at my code, it's in the following stackoverflow link:


P.S: my bucket doesn't have a dot (.) in the name.

Thanks in advance…

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I'm not too familiar with using AWS S3 Node.js package, but I was able to locate a discussion that specified that you need will need to pass an “endpoint” into the client constructor specifying “https://[location].linodeobjects.com”; where [location] is one of the object storage cluster names. In case you need assistance with locating your cluster's region, you can refer to our list of endpoints.

When I reviewed your code, I noticed that the endpoint was different from this example code's endpoint. I'm not entirely confident that this could be the issue, but it wouldn't hurt to compare the two.

I was also able to locate this other StackOverflow post where a fellow user provided their example code on how they were able to successfully upload a file from Node.js to Linode Object Storage:

Lastly, you could also reach out to Node.js's community forums, as there may be experienced members who may be able to weigh in and provide guidance:

Thanks for pointing out that my endpoint is different.


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