Our IP was blacklisted by spamhaus

Recently, our IP is often blacklisted by spamhaus, and the feedback from the other party is:
In the same /24 there are a significant number of spamming IPs and this has a detrimental effect on any other IPs in the same sub-net.
Other IP anomalies should affect our company's IP, please help to deal with it.

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Although we consider SpamHaus to be a reputable public reputation checker for mail deliverability, most large mail providers maintain their own private blocklists that are not shared publicly. Unless the receiving domain specifically relies on SpamHaus to allow/block mail, you will need to address the error as reported by the large provider. You can find this in your mailing logs usually as a 550 Bounce error.

As long as you have already created and propagated rDNS/PTR and SPF records, our Support Team can request delisting from major providers as long as you provide the 550 Error in-full and confirm your mailing domain. In order for us to help in that regard, be sure to Open a Ticket directly through Cloud Manager.


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