Mac M3 - Installed, but "command not found"

I installed the linode-cli per the instructions provided by Akamai, on a MacBook M3.

When I try to verify the install with the command: linode-cli --help , I am getting "command not found".

What am I not doing correctly?

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Linode Staff

The Linode CLI is officially managed through pip, the package installer for Python. To use linode-cli, you want to ensure that Python 3 and pip3 are both installed. You can confirm if they're installed by utilizing the commands below:

python3 --version
pip3 --version

If these commands are not installed, you'd want to follow the instructions within the Install Python 3 and pip3 section. If you're still encountering command not found when running python3 --version or pip3 --version, you may need to add Python3 and Pip3’s locations to your $PATH.

Thanks for the link. You made my day.


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