Use Splashtop Streamer with an Ubuntu Linode

I have splashtop streamer installed my linode Ubuntu device, but when I try and connect to it, i Get an error message:

Failed to capture screen, display is incompatible with X Server

What do I need to add to the Ubunutu node for Splashtop to be able to connect to it?

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While I have not been able to re-create your exact issue, I was able to locate a good video walkthrough on how to set up Splashtop on your machine here:

I also located steps on Splashtop's website on how to set up their application on Linux:

It is also worth mentioning that the issue you are encountering with this error may be related to many machines on our platform not coming with a Graphical User Interface by default, unless you are deploying a GPU instance, so if you have not configured your installation of Splashtop to account for this, you would likely run into issues.

Based on my limited knowledge on the topic, it looks like workarounds for machines without a GUI would include using something like X virtual Framebutter to interact with a machine without a GUI, such as is mentioned in the following stackoverflow post:

While I have not tested this personally, it looks to be a fairly common issue and solution people encounter when running these sort of setups.

I hope that helps!



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