Basic DNS Question for a New Linode

Hi all-

I just purchased and am interested in doing a few things with this space. First thing I want to make sure I get right is the DNS because without that things kinda suck. Here's what I want to do. My primary domain is which is the hostname for the linode I just got. I am adding in apache2 and postfix on ubuntu 7.10 but have to admit to being a bit unsure about the best way to use the domain manager to add a second domain which is not a subdomain of the first. I'd like to add a domain I have access to and can change the DNS for and have the linode deal with that mail too. This is a completely separate domain; but I want the "mail" server to provide for it. I know how to setup virtual domains and forwarders in postfix pretty well and I know how to write up apache2 configs. I'm a bit unsure with the DNS manager how I add this second domain which is unique to the first. I've added the primary one in already and changed the name servers at to point to linode.

Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is a basic question but I'm just at that point in things and want to make sure I get it right.


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I'm not sure I'm going to answer your question, because I'm not completely sure what your question is, but here's some comments, and we can work from there. :-)

1. You probably don't want "" to be a hostname or A record in your DNS. Others may disagree, but I've found it eventually leads to confusion and awkward problems. Instead, you want to name your linode something like "" (or, or whatever makes you happy) and then use CNAME records to direct "" and "" to ""

2. For mail, you need an MX record in the other domain's DNS setup that references You also need your postfix on cujo to accept mail from other.domain. Basically, this means adding "other.domain" to the mydestination parameter and/or whatever virtual user setup you need.

Hi Mike, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking either so let me say what I think you are asking.

You have setup for email and are running postfix on your linode to handle it. You want this same postfix install to handle mail for as well.

The answer is you just need to point the MX record for to Something like: 14400 IN MX 0

Thats all, its just that easy. The harder part is setting up postfix to properly handle all of this new mail. You also might find my DNS Check tool helpful:



You also might find my DNS Check tool helpful:

I just tried this out - it looks really, really useful.


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