Can I clone my Linode and use the new IP address for my website?

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I'd like to clone my Linode and use the new IP address for my website. How do I perform this?

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You can clone your Linode from the "Clone" tab for the Linode that you are cloning. To complete this in the minimal amount of time, it's best that the destination Linode resides in the same data center as the original Linode.

Once this is done, you'll need to update the DNS 'A' record for your domain and point to the IP address of your new Linode. This can be done from our DNS Manager or where you are hosting the DNS records for your domain. Please not that DNS records can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate.

I have a Wordpress website, which I am also interested in cloning to a new Linode in order to the use the clone for experimentation. Therefore, I don't want to the change the DNS records. Accessing the new Linode using the IP address is sufficient.
I could successfully do the cloning and could access it using IP address. But when I try to login to the Wordpress dashboard by entering: ip_address/wp-admin it takes me to the old one: url/wp-admin

Can someone kindly advise me on how to continue editing the new website without being directed to the old one?

It sounds like your WordPress install is using the original site URL. You'll need to change the Home and Site URLs either within wp-admin or in the database directly. There's an official WordPress guide on changing the site URL here:


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