Fantastic Support

I would like to start off by saying that Tom needs a raise, because dealing with me over the past two months would be enough to test my own patience.

I have had continual questions about upgrading, downgrading, cancelling Linodes, restoring Linodes, and Tom has always replied quickly, and, more importantly, politely. I don't know if there's a mutter from him that just doesn't get translated to the support ticket, but he deserves mucho kudos.

I've found the rest of Linode remarkably wonderful as well - I've had zero downtime (granted, it's not been long, but what I've had has been great). Latency/response time/everything with my individual Linode has also rocked.

I would have no regrets recommending Linode to my friends, colleagues (I'm a teacher by profession), or others that want/need a reliable Linux VPS for any use. It's been that reliable for me so far.

Thanks to all of the Linode Staff!

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