Can deleted disks or Linodes be recovered?

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Can deleted Linodes be recovered?

What if just the disk is deleted?

Is the data gone forever?

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Can deleted Linodes be recovered?

There is no guarantee, but there is a chance. If the image is still available, you will find it in the Images section of the Linode Manager.

Listing available image

If you just deleted it, it may take a few minutes for the disk image to appear there.

Note: Images of Linodes that are removed for billing reasons stick around a bit longer than those that are removed by the user. If your Linode was removed for billing reasons and you are not able to settle the outstanding balance, but want your disk, please reach out to Linode Support.

Deploying a saved image

If you have confirmed the image is available, you can deploy the image to a new Linode. The process is outlined in the same guide, above.

Deploy from a saved image

In short, the process is to create a new Linode and deploy the saved image to it. After doing so, things like DNS records and network configurations would need to be updated with the new Linode's IP address.

What if just the disk is deleted?

The image removal policy and the process to restore them is the same as above. There may be a chance it is still there, but no guarantee.

Is the data gone forever?

If the disk image does not show up in the images section, there is nothing that can be done to recover the data. It has been permanently removed.

We also have Linode Images - Deploy From A Saved Image for our new Cloud Manager.


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