Migrating Xen domU image from sda device names to xvda

I've enjoyed playing around and learning Xen on my Centos 5.1 home linux box and thought I'd gotten pretty good at it until I recently got stumped trying to get an existing domU image to boot that was created using the older Xen sda device names vs the newer xvda device names.

I've googled like crazy… there's a little talk about it, but no one tells exactly how to do it. I've mounted the domU image, changed the /etc/fstab, tried various combinations of new and symbolic device names, and of course changed the startup config file.

I'm practicing on this using a Centos image from http://jailtime.org. I want to know how to do this so I won't be afraid of Xen, plus I just hate getting whipped. If anyone could help me on this, I'd sure appreciate it. Thank you.

Hal Williams

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